Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Celebrity Moms Earn Top Spots on Forbes List of Highest Earners

Forbes has released their annual list of Hollywood's Highest Paid Actresses. Not surprisingly Sandra Bullock pulled in the top spot as the best paid actress. Many of our other favorite celebrity moms made the list - Reese, Sarah Jessica, and Julia to name a few. Did your favorite celebrity mom make the list?

#1 Sandra Bullock - $56 million
This has been a year with both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows for this new mom. The spring was a flurry of activity for Bullock who won the Oscar for Best Actress for her starring role in The Blind Side followed by the news of her adoption of son Louis and her divorce from husband Jesse James.

With two of the top movies of the year, The Proposal which grossed $320 million, and The Blind Side which earned an amazing $310 million, Sandra proved to be the best bet of the year. For her efforts Bullock earned $56 million between June 2009 and June 2010 earning her the top spot among Hollywood's leading ladies.

#2 Reese Witherspoon - $32 million
We may not have seen her on the big screen since 2008's Four Christmases, but her advance payments for her upcoming projects and her fee as an ambassador for Avon kept Reese Witherspoon near the top of the list. Reese earned nearly $32 million from the upfront pay from two movies, How Do You Know and Water for Elephants, coupled with her Avon deal prove that a celebrity mom doesn't have to work constantly to bring in the dough.

#5 Sarah Jessica Parker - $25 million
Sarah Jessica Parker slides easily into fifth place earning $25 million through the ongoing success of the Sex and the City films and the syndication deals of the TV show. SJP has taken control of her own brand with a successful line of perfumes and has become the creative director fashion label Halston.

#6 Julia Roberts - $20 million
She may have put her film career on the back-burner to raise Hazel, Finn, and Henry, but Julia Roberts still has major earning power. Earning nearly $20 million, Julia makes her return to the big screen later this month in Eat Pray Love and reunites with Tom Hanks in next year's Larry Crowne.

#7 Angelina Jolie - $20 million
No list of celebrity moms is complete with out an appearance by Angelina Jolie, This mom of six is constantly the focus of magazines and tabloids (38 covers in the past 12 months!), and has proven to still be a major draw in this summer's film, Salt.

#9 Meryl Streep: $13 million
She may be nearing retirement age, but Meryl Streep, 60, has proven herself to still be a big draw at the box office. Her two hits in 2009, Julie & Julia and It's Complicated, earned a more than $350 million at the global box office.

Of course, some non-moms round out the remainder of the list with Cameron Diaz in third place at $32 million, Jennifer Aniston in fourth at $27 million, Drew Barrymore in eighth at $15 million, and Kristen Stewart in tenth place at $12 million.

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