Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bethenny Frankel Lends Her Support to Breastfeeding

This week marked the debut of baby Bryn on Bethenny Getting Married? New mom Bethenny Frankel introduced the baby to her dog Cookie and spent some intimate moments bonding during feedings. Bethenny has been very vocal with her support of and her difficulties with breastfeeding. Although her schedule is making it a bit more difficult, she plans on sticking with it as long as she can.

She recently lent her support to the "I Breastfeed Because" campaign which is being sponsored by Ameda breast pumps.

She says, “Breastfeeding was very important to me because it is the healthiest option out there and has allowed me to bond with my baby in a way no one else can. Breastfeeding is such an incredible experience and I feel so lucky that I get to share my story with women nationwide through the show and the Ameda I Breastfeed Because campaign.”

Moms who are currently breastfeeding or have breastfed in the past can join Bethenny and share their story at http://www.ibreastfeedbecause.com/

For every video uploaded, comment or tweet, Ameda will make a donation to the Human Milk Bank Association of North America, a non-profit association of donor human milk banks established in 1985 to set standards for and to facilitate establishment and operation of milk banks in America . All moms who participate are also automatically entered to win a grand prize of a $2,500 nursery makeover or one of 25 secondary prizes, $50 American Express gift cards.

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