Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jenna Elfman on Her Mommy Moments

As the star of the new CBS show Accidentally On Purpose, actress Jenna Elfman is living out her second pregnancy in front of the cameras. She recently talked with Cookie magazine about her life as a working mom and her favorite mommy moments.

Some highlights:

On what her son [Story, 2] does that makes her laugh:
"His sense of humor. He’s actually genuinely funny. He does funny voices and physical comedy."

On her favorite family ritual:
"After dinner, we chase each other around the house, laughing."

On her most frazzled mom moment:
"Trying to learn and master breast-feeding."

On what she wishes she had done before having children:
"Had children sooner!"

On what she thinks about in the middle of the night:
"How to get my son to sleep through the night!"

On whether it was difficult getting back into shape after her first baby: "Slightly, yes. Because of the C-section, it was slow going at first. But the breast-feeding really helped burn the pounds off."

Source: Cookie Magazine

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  1. Too bad Cookie is no more as Conde Nast shuts down four magazines! I've personally interviewed many other celebrity moms for my own site and Jenna Elfman scores big with me! We are all the same at the end of the day... just trying to do it all well. Celebrity or not.