Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uma Thurman on the Cover of W Magazine

Uma Thurman is featured on the October cover of W magazine. In the interview, she talks about her new film Motherhood and the decision to return to work after putting her career on hold for her kids.

Some highlights:

On her decision to return to work:
“When my son turned seven, I felt myself stand upright and realize that I wasn’t going to be bending over so much. I realized I had been kind of in this position for years! It’s nice to think that everybody’s getting more independent and now I can kind of maybe, slightly selfishly, think about work again...You know, I do care about my work, and it is part of me. And I am a mother, but I need to do what I’m good at doing. You really can’t let go of all of yourself…. Even your kids need you to be who you are... I’ve been living at home for work for a long time. If I don’t leave soon, I’m going to literally choke my career to death.”

On polishing off her seven-year-old son, Levon's leftovers during the interview:
“Don’t mind me. The worst is when you eat their dinner and your own, too. That’s when you know you’re really in trouble.”

On her wedding plans to fiancee Arpad "Arki" Busson and whether they'll live in New York or London:
“I’m happily engaged, but we haven’t set a wedding up. I’m not in a rush to do anything. One day we’ll do it, when we’re ready… We can’t live anywhere else because my children’s’ father lives here. We’ll figure that out.”

On taking on her role in Motherhood which hits theaters in October:
“I took the script with me on a night flight to England, thinking I’d read just a little bit of it, but I just fell in love with the writing. I was screaming out loud laughing. It was so real and so honest about how hard it is to be a mother and also a full person who’s true to herself. It was like seeing five years of my life…[Motherhood] captures so much of the joy and frustration and the weird tension between your old self and your new self. And the loneliness of parenting, too. I’m a single mother and certainly have been for quite a few years. Even though the character in this piece has a husband, it’s also about how she and he aren’t connecting.”

Source: W Magazine

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