Saturday, September 12, 2009

Elton John Would Love to Adopt Ukrainian Toddler

Elton John and his partner David Furnish have expressed an interest in adopting a toddler from the Ukraine. The two were drawn to the 14-month old during a visit to an orphanage sponsored by his AIDS Foundation this weekend. The toddler has lost both of his parents to the disease.

"David always wanted to adopt a child and I always said no because I am 62 and I think because of the traveling I do and the life I have...wouldn't be fair for the child," John said of his longtime partner, who was along for the trip.

As for his potential change of heart John says, "Having seen Lev today, I would love to adopt him. I don't know how we do that but he has stolen my heart. And he has stolen David's heart and it would be wonderful if we can have a home. I've changed my mind today."

The recent loss of John's close friend and keyboardist, Guy Babylon, is also a factor in his interest in adoption.

"It broke my heart because he was such a genius and so young and has two wonderful children," he adds. "What better opportunity to replace someone I lost than to replace him with someone I can give a future to."

Source: AP

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