Thursday, May 07, 2009

Trista and Ryan Sutter Introduce Daughter Blakesley

The Bachelorette stars, Trista and Ryan Sutter, welcomed their second child, daughter Blakesley Grace, on April 3. This week, the couple introduce their newest addition in Life & Style. In the accompanying interview, the couple talk about her arrival, adjusting to life with two kids, and her unique name.

On having a second C-section:
"This birth was so much easier. Blakesley was born three weeks early, and I did have another C-section, but I didn’t need general anesthesia. I just walked into the hospital and put my gown on, and then my doctor came in and said, 'Okay, it’s time.' I didn’t know you could just walk into the delivery room, because the last time, I was wheeled in on a hospital bed!"

On the best part of the birth experience:
"Being able to hear her cry when she came out and then seeing her right away. With Max, I was under, and I didn’t wake up until several hours later. But this time I was able to hear her first cry and see Ryan there too."

On how they came up with the name Blakesley:
"It’s a family name. Ryan really loved the name Grace. At first we were calling her Gracie, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley."

On how much sleep their getting:
"Not so much! I mean, she’s a pretty good sleeper and sometimes sleeps for four or five hours at a time. But mostly, she’s up every two hours from the time she feeds. I try to take little naps when she sleeps. I also try to sneak in some sleep when Max is with Grandma or taking his own nap. Any new parent will tell you it’s hard, but it’s expected. And it’s a small price to pay to have her. It’s definitely worth it."

On being the only couple from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to make it to the altar and start a family:
"You know, it’s so hard to say. I will acknowledge that it’s difficult. You meet under these crazy circumstances, and then you get separated for three months, which was super hard. And I think some people just think they’re ready and then when they see the person again, they realize those feelings just aren’t there. I didn’t set out to be the only Bachelorette to get married. I just feel lucky and blessed that my life turned out this way."

Source: Life & Style

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