Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shootsie: Ultra Silky Blankets for Baby

If you spend much time shopping for baby blankets, you're used to seeing beautiful plush blankies in traditional baby colors in baby friendly fabrics. A new addition to the baby blanket selection is Shootsie who have introduced an amazing collection of ultra-plush blankets for baby constructed in satin. Yes, satin for babies. I was amazed at how durable they truly are.

The Shootsie Collection of satin blankets are created in a variety of bright color combinations, ultra soft satin fabric, and contain such a high-level of detail elements that they are ideal for a pampered tot. The hand quality of the blanket including the ruffles, hand-stitching, and other fine details make them an heirloom treasure sure to be loved by both mom and child for years to come. The blankets are all machine washable so even though they look too good for baby to use, they are designed to take a beating.

They are a little spendy with prices ranging from $122 - $144. You may not want to purchase one yourself, but when your friends and family ask for shower requests I'd put it near the top of my list.

My personal favorite is the Rock-A-Bye-Shootsie blanket in "mud brown, lilac and parrot green". The unique color combination would make a perfect shower gift for either a girl or a boy.

Another Shootsie bonus, a portion of their proceeds goes to support the International Rhino Foundation an organization created to protect the endangered Black Rhino population of the world.

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