Monday, September 06, 2010

Michael Douglas Regrets Sacrifing Fatherhood for Career

Faced with stage IV throat cancer and a son serving time in prison, Michael Douglas is coming to terms with the regrets he has about life so far. 

Douglas, 65, tells Men's Journal that he regrets the time he scarified as a father for his acting career. "My career was really just getting started and that was my focus, maybe more than it should have been," he said. "I was gone more than I should have been."

His oldest son Cameron, 31, is currently serving a 60-month sentence for dealing crystal meth.   

 His work ethic was learned from his legendary father, Kirk Douglas, 93,  who also was gone for long stretches during his own childhood.  "He was a rager early on," Douglas said his dad. "He was overworked. He was doing five-plus pictures a year. I just sort of stayed out of his way, but he did the best he could."

The Oscar winner is embracing his life with his second wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and their children, Dylan, 7, and Carys, 10.  Even prior to his diagnosis, the actor made the conscious decision to step back from acting and enjoy fatherhood the second time around. 

"You waste so much time in LA," said Douglas, who spends much of his time with the family between New York and Bermuda. "I had my time, and now I'd rather hang out with my kids."

Source: Men's Journal

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