Friday, September 03, 2010

Dina Manzo: Danielle Staub Went Too Far

Where is the line between real life and reality TV?  For Dina Manzo, the line is where the show becomes detrimental to her child.  

Dina decided to leave the extremely popular Real Housewives of New Jersey earlier this season after her co-star Danielle Staub reportedly tried to interfere in the relationship between Dina and her ex-husband over the parenting of their daughter Lexi.   (Danielle denies the allegations.)

The ongoing Danielle-drama seems to never-end for Dina who was a hot button topic during this week's reunion special after Danielle decided to raise the subject of her former costar.  The response from the other housewives was immediate.

Dina’s older sister Caroline Manzo immediately jumped to her defense, yelling,  “Do not speak of my sister!”

“I just wish my name didn’t come up and, of course, that my daughter didn’t come up,” said Dina tells People magazine. “It’s all bull—t and there’s a line between life and entertainment, and I think the line was crossed.”

For now Dina has decided to put the show completely behind and passed on an invite to appear on the reunion show.

“I was invited to be there and I chose not to be there,” says Manzo opting to spend her time focusing on her daughter and the foundation she founded that supports children with cancer, Project Ladybug.

“I’m really enjoying what I’m doing now,” Manzo said, “[I'm] food shopping, cleaning and taking my daughter to tennis.”

Do you miss Dina on the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Now that it appears that Danielle may be exiting the show should Dina return?

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