Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grey's Anatomy's Alex Needs Closure, Will Izzy Return?

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy went off with a major bang last spring.  As the show heads into its seventh season this fall, series creator Shonda Rhimes is promising some big changes for our favorite group of surgical residents. One of the biggest hints is in regards to some 'closure' coming to Alex this season.  Does that mean that Katherine Heigl may stop by to give a proper sendoff to her character Izzy Stevens?

We'll find out on September 23 what the new season will bring with talk of weddings, babies, and the fallout to the season finale shootout which included Alex calling out for his former wife.

The whole Alex / Izzy coupling came to an awkward end unworthy of the couple that had navigated through a series of misguided loves, a battle with cancer, the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, and the competitiveness of the surgical world when Heigl asked to be let out of her Grey's contract a year early.  For the couple that fell in love on-screen, we were left to an off-screen dismantling of their marriage.  Yep, he signed the papers, they must be done.

It's time for a proper goodbye to Dr. Izzy Stevens in true Grey's style (who would forget the core group of docs breaking out with the giggles at George's funeral last year?)

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