Monday, July 19, 2010

Bethenny Frankel Trusts Her Insticts in Motherhood and Business

New mom Bethenny Frankel has had a lot to face in the past year - two hit reality shows on Bravo, a new husband, a best selling book, the launch of the Skinnygirl margarita, a new workout video, and the arrival of her daughter Bryn.

"We plan and God laughs," Frankel says. "I don't think I really knew exactly what I was going to end up doing, what was going to be my calling. I say that you always have to be on the road. You just have to be going forward. You don't have to know exactly where your destination is."

Her entrepreneurial spirit may come in handy as Frankel begins the tricking path to balancing a successful business with a healthy family with husband Jason Hoppy.

"Now's my time," she says. "This is my moment. I'm not like Julia Roberts, who can sit around with [her children] Phinnaeus and Hazel because she's so successful for so long. This is my time, and I'm not 25. This is it. On that note, it's difficult because I love my baby and my husband is so understanding, and I do push even him to the limit. However, I have great assistants. They are running the business. I planted all the seeds and now they've grown. So there are people around me doing a lot of the legwork. You get to a point where people around you make it a lot easier."

It seems that motherhood has given her a sense of clarity that seemed missing from her increasingly chaotic life and she's determined to make it all work out.

"Women need to know that if they can do it and they feel like they're successful at being a mom, then there's no way that they can't be successful at a business. Trust your instincts. Only you really know what to do with your baby and what's really going on, and the same thing goes with business. Just trust your gut and your instincts and don't have fear about it and you can do it."

Source: Enterepreneur

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