Monday, July 19, 2010

BabyJellyBeans: Helping (Celebrity) Moms Share Memories

In today's electronic world, it has become a modern mommy necessity to share photos and memories via family websites. BabyJellyBeans has made it a little easier to keep up with the constant stream photos, videos, and blog posts to share with family and friends.

The site has a celebrity fan in Trista Sutter, who has chosen BabyJellyBeans to share the photos and memories of her beautiful family. The former Bachelorette has opted to use the baby website company, to showcase the happenings of their family. By creating their own personalized, password-protected website, the Sutter family has the flexibility to update the world on the precious moments and milestones of of Max and Blakesley.

Trista says, “We absolutely LOVE!! It is such an easy way to organize and share our precious photos and will be a keepsake for years and years to come."

Visit to see a real life sampling of the site Trista and Ryan Sutter share with their family and friends.

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