Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ali Larter's Pregnancy Craving: Everything!!

Expectant Ali Larter has discovered on of the benefits of being pregnant - giving in to the pregnancy cravings.

"I eat everything!" Larter at Comic-Con in San Diego. "I bake myself strawberry shortcakes and then I wake up at three in the morning and I eat them.

"I love it because so much of the time, I have to be careful," Larter adds. "I work out. I play certain roles where it's important for me to look a certain way. But now it's just freedom. It's like, bring on the Sprinkles cupcakes, pizza, pasta. I'm loving it!"

Larter is expecting her first child with husband, writer-actor Hayes MacArthur.

So far, the actress is trying to stay true to her pre-pregnancy style -- including the ultra high heels.

"You gotta do it," she says. "I love my high heels. I'll kick ass in four inches, pregnant any day of the week."

Hmmm..... I wonder what she'll say about the shoes once she hits the third trimester and her feet start swelling.

Source: People

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