Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Molly Ringwald: It's Hard to Grow Up in the Business

She may be a former child star, but Molly Ringwald won't let her kids try out show business until they have completed college.

The Breakfast Club star has been acting since age 11, and wants her children - Mathilda, 6, and twins Adele and Roman, 8 months - to finish their education before starting a career.

She tells Britain's OK! Magazine, "Mathilda is very willful, headstrong and very intelligent, but so far she's shown no interest in being on stage. I think she's more of a behind-the-scenes person. That could change after college and all that. If she wants to do it, I would support her, but after college. Not as a child. I think that it's hard having grown up in the business. I think it's something I wouldn't want for my own children. If they want to do it later, that's great. But I think I just want them to be kids."

She adds, "I think that that's the best thing that anyone can have, whether they're an actor or not. That's what I want to have for my own family. Show business is very hard for anyone, but particularly for kids. I think without that strong family background, it's very challenging."

Source: British OK!

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