Friday, April 09, 2010

Matthew Broderick Knows When to Keep His Mouth Shut!

The entire cast of the upcoming Sex and the City 2 have been contractually restricted by the studio to keep quiet about the film, but Matthew Broderick has been forbidden to reveal any secrets by a higher power, his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

"I've actually seen the movie, and it's wonderful," Broderick said at the Broadway premiere of the new musical The Addams Familye. "But if I were to say anything about it, I think a shot would ring out and I would collapse right here on the red carpet."

According to Broderick, he has a much stronger reason to keep quiet, "[I have] the contract of marriage. I can't tell you anything about that movie, except it's excellent."

After the film's big debut on May 28th, the enter Broderick-Parker family with make an exit from the city to spend some quality family time together.

"We're going to have a big summer off ... the whole family," he says. "We'll either be in Amagansett [in the Hamptons] or we'll rent a house somewhere. I think we're going to have a nice family summer."

Since welcoming twin sisters - Marion and Loretta - last summer, big brother James Wilkie, 7, has made the adjustment to the expanded family.

"He's very cute with them, and now that they're more active, it's more fun for him. They pull his hair. He lies on the rug, and they climb on him. He likes that."

Source: People

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