Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ellen Pompeo: A Different Shade of Grey

Ellen Pompeo looks bright and fresh on the cover of the May 2010 issue of California Style magazine.

On keeping it real for daughter Stella Luna:
"Stella Luna's schedule is what's important right now. Her life doesn't need to be as chaotic as mine. In the afternoon, she goes out into the yard under the olive trees to watch the birds and my dogs. She knows exactly when her bottle is coming. She doesn't need much more than that.. And I'm at work saying, 'Let's hurry it up so I can get out of her at 4:30.'"

On the paparazzi attention:
"I'm a big girl so I can handle the scrutiny. I signed up for this life, and it's a luxury problem to have. But I want to keep my daughter out of it."

On Grey's Anatomy:
"If the show ended right now, I'd still be thrilled. I want to do something different and go on auditions again and do something scary. Maybe I've forgotten how to act? Maybe I'll be Meredith Grey forever."

Source: California Style

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