Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian: In No Hurry to Lose the Baby Weight

New mom Kourtney Kardashian is going against the Hollywood trend and opting not to rush into a weight lose program following the arrival of her 7-week-old son, Mason Dash.

“It’s been hard to find time to work out,” she tells Life & Style. “All I want to do is spend time with Mason.”

The reality star admits that she has about 40 pregnancy pounds to shed, but has found it challenging. “Losing the weight has been a lot harder than I thought,” she says. “I’ve lost 25 pounds so far. I still have 15 more to go.”

Kardashian decided to open up about her decision not to rush the weight loss process after a tabloid published a heavily photoshopped photo that made it it appear that she had already returned to her pre-pregnancy figure.

For her post-pregnancy body, Kourtney is trying to keep a realistic perspective. “Since having him, I don’t care as much what I look like,” Kourtney says. “I gained weight in my booty, my stomach, my thighs and my arms. Everything got a little bigger for sure. I do want to get back to the way my body was before, but it’s definitely not my biggest concern. I feel fine.”

Source: Life & Style

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