Monday, October 05, 2009

Sherri Shepard Proud of Her Real Woman Body

The View co-host / actress Sherri Shepherd may have slimmed down to a much smaller size, but don't expect her to become one of those Hollywood skinny actresses anytime soon.

"I'm a real woman. I still have my jiggly arms and jiggly thighs that could start a fire," says Shephard at the New York Film Festival screening of her new film, Precious, which opens November 6.

Shepherd recently showed off her trimmer figure by wearing a bathing suit on her talkshow in August.

"I just wanted to show people that if you made healthy choices, one of the perks is you can get into get into a bathing suit," she explains.

Look for her new sitcom, Sherri, which makes it's debut on Lifetime tonight. Check your local listings for times.

Source: People

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