Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sela Ward: Aging Gracefully in Hollywood

Actress Sela Ward looks as gorgeous on the cover of the October issue of More magazine to promote her new film, The Stepfather.

Some highlights from the interview:

About turning 50 back in 2006:
“It’s not about aging, it’s just, wow, life is flying. I haven’t gone through menopause yet, but I know it’s coming. This Chinese doctor where I get acupuncture told me they call menopause the second spring. Which is the most fabulous way to put it. We’ve got a whole second life ahead of us to pursue our passions. We’ve been ambitious and driven, trying to find the right guy and have a family, and you get on the other side of that and you go, Now what?”

About being second in line for Demi Moore’s Charlie’s Angels villain role:
“I’ll never forget it. I was 48 or 49, on a boat trip in the Caribbean. I looked at the picture and went, ‘I am never going to look like that again.’ I just got tired when I looked at the cover of that magazine. I just said, ‘Screw it, can I have another glass of wine?”

About her plans to leave Los Angeles after her son, Austin, 15, finishes high school:
“I’m not sure why I’m still there. I’m not a part of that world. Everybody’s focused on things that are so ephemeral, particularly people’s looks. And I see myself aging. I can’t play the ingĂ©nue anymore – though in my mind I can – and I’m grappling with losing that part of my identity.”

Source: More

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