Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reader Discount: 30% Off At Paper Culture

We are big fans around here of JuiceBox Jungle! We've featured their widget in our sidebar for a while and love it when they release a new video on the challenges of modern parenting.

Check out their latest widget in my sidebar all about competitive mommies! JuiceBoxJungle is featuring a brand new widget that lets you, among other things, send an ecard to a friend right from this blog (click around and check it out). They also have a cool new sponsor, Paper Culture, a modern, eco-friendly premium stationary company that will actually address, message and mail your cards for free. As an extra bonus for our readers, Paper Culture is offering 30% off for a limited time. Just use promo code "SAVE30NOW" at checkout to take advantage of this great promotion.

In the spirit of competition, JuiceBox Jungle has asked - and sponsored - me to write about the most memorable kid event I've ever been to. Here goes:

The reality is that most of the kid's events in my world are pretty mild. We have at least two birthday parties a month. You know the drill -- last minute invites, pepperoni pizza, store bought cake, and lots of noise. A bunch of kids running and screaming. Parents trying to hold a conversation while making sure nobody hurts themselves. The result is almost always the same -- a couple of boys passed out in the backseat from sugar withdrawal and a camera full of fun pictures. I never really realized how uneventful these events were until I was asked to write about them. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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