Monday, September 14, 2009

Maggie Gyllenhaal Talks Motherhood

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a busy mom with a two-year-old daughter, Ramona. She is currently in London filming the sequel to Nanny McPhee and took a few minutes to sit down and talk with the Daily Mail all about parenting, keeping it all in balance, and what she would be doing if she weren't an actress

Here are some of the highlights:

On being a mom:
"Motherhood is all-consuming…I remember people saying, 'Believe me, everything in your life is going to change…' And I thought, 'Why? That’s such a bourgeois way of thinking.' And then you have a child and yes, everything changes. It affects the way we live, what we do and where we go – everything. And I wouldn’t have it any other way."

On keeping it all in balance as a working parent:
‘Ten or 15 years ago there was this idea that women could do everything, and that they should be able to have these great careers and be mothers too. And I think that was a very helpful way of looking at things for a while. But now, with my generation, I think that there’s a sense of, 'I can’t do everything, and nor should I have to. I need help and I need a husband and another set of hands, and even then I still might need help with babysitting.' Working and mothering is extraordinarily difficult. So that’s a big part of my character in Nanny McPhee – she can’t do everything."

On what she would be doing if she weren't an actress:
"When you are at college you think you can do anything. I really liked school and I still have a fantasy of being an English teacher. I’m sure any teacher reading this would say, 'This woman has no idea how hard it is!' but I think about the teachers who engaged me, and they changed my life. That’s a great thing to do."

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