Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LeeLee Sobieski Is Craving Little Kid Food

Actress LeeLee Sobieski is cutting back on the ice cream now that she is expecting her first child with fiance Adam Kimmel.

"I eat less ice cream than I ever did because the baby takes up so much space," she tells US Weekly magazine.

Her cravings are a bit more childlike these days.

"Ginger is really good," she adds. "I kind of want ginger to settle the stomach sometimes and then macaroni and cheese. I kind of like little kid food. I think I like eating what little kids eat."

The Public Enemies star is trying to stay in shape throughout her pregnancy by working out with a personal trainer.

"But I'm keep it nice and low, like nice long walks along the Hudson River," she says.

Source: US Weekly

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