Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jennifer Garner: Work Is Totally Different After Having Kids

Jennifer Garner hit the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival last night to promote her upcoming film, The Invention of Lying, which hits theaters October 2nd.

The actress has two children with husband Ben Affleck, Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 9 months which has reduced the number of projects she chooses to take on.

"The frequency with which I've worked is totally different because I went years without a single day off," she says of returning to work. "So I have to really love (a role) to feel like it's worth uprooting the family and putting us somewhere else."

When asked if she and Affleck ever plan on reuniting on-screen she says, "The question keeps coming up, and we have literally never spoken about it. I think he's a beautiful director obviously and such a gorgeous writer but, y'know, to go to work with him, I would just be like, I need to go home to the kids."

Source: Splash

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