Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrity Mom Cover Girls: Who Sells More Magazines?

Ever wonder which of your favorite celebrity moms can make magazines fly off the newstands? Not surprisingly the honor for 2008 falls to Angelina Jolie. Joining her at the top of last years best sellers are Victoria Beckham and the girls from Sex & the City.

Jolie rose to the top with the highest selling issues of W and Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair’s July issue sold 504,785 single copies, while W’s November issue moved 78,000 issues.

Over at Marie Claire, their best seller was the July issue featuring the stars of “Sex and The City” which sold 440,948 copies. The December issue featuring Jennifer Connelly was the worst seller moving only 191,000 copies.

At Vogue, the October issue with Rachel Weisz on the cover was the magazine’s poorest seller with only 276,000 copies. While at Elle, Victoria Beckham was the mag’s best-selling subject last year with 413,000 copies sold.

Lucky’s September issue was their best seller with model mom Milla Jovovich on the cover selling 336,000 issues. It's June issue with Amanda Peet only sold 205,000 copies.

The worst seller of the year falls to Nicole Kidman who was featured on the December issue of Glamour selling just 460,000 issues — the worst single-copy sales in recent history for the publication.

Jennifer Lopez was the best seller for Self in September selling 376,000 copies while the mother of twins was training for her first triathlon. While the November issue of Shape which featured Kelly Ripa sold just 258,200 copies.

Source: WWD

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