Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mary-Louise Parker on the Cover of Gotham

Mary-Louise Parker is featured on the March cover of Gotham Magazine. In the interview, she talks about her hit TV show, Weeds, the relationships of women and finding happiness with her family.

On her character, Nancy, on Weeds:
“I thought it was perverse, I thought it was different. [Nancy] was a mother but she wasn’t heroic—she was really flawed, and that gave me room to really try to use my imagination. And she’s a character I couldn’t really relate to, and I always want to play people who feel different from me.”

On her relationships with women:
“I have a sister and I have a really good relationship with my mother. I’ve always really loved women, and beautiful women. I also love men—so many of my friends are men, but women can be so good to each other and supportive of each other. I have such amazing female friends in my life… that are just really supportive and wonderful.”

On her adoption of daughter, Ash, in 2007:
“I remember being little and asking my parents if we could adopt. I just always was attracted to the idea, and I love what it says and I love what it means. There are millions of children in this world, and I think if you have the energy and the resources, then it’s something you should really look into.”

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