Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nicole Kidman Talks of Finding Love

Nicole Kidman delivered a moving tribute to husband Keith Urban when she accepted a Glamour Women of the Year last night in New York City.

Kidman said during her acceptance speech: "Three and a half years ago a man came along and said, 'I'm going to take you to Tennessee.' And he took me down there and he said, 'I think you deserved to be loved. Let me love you, let me give you a home, and let's make a baby.' So thank you, Keith Lionel."

The actress credited Urban with helping her move on from her divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise and ultimately find balance in her life.

"I don't believe that you can [have it all]. But I believe you can have balance," she says. "Three and a half years ago I had a wonderful career, I had two kids, I had movie offers, great directors offering me things, but I wasn't loved."

Kidman received the Glamour award as a recognition for her work on behalf of UNIFEM. She's the spokesperson for their Say No To Violence campaign, an online petition protesting crimes against women.

"We just want everyone to sign on," she encouraged fans to sign the petition. "We need as many signatures as we can get before we present it to the UN on Nov. 25 so then we can go to the world and say, 'Here, we can implement change, laws can be upheld.' It's to protect women and keep them safe around the world – not just in America but around the world. So please sign on. The mother is the heartbeat of the family. And if you take care of her, everyone does well."

Source: People

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