Friday, November 14, 2008

Nicole Kidman Gushes About Sunday Rose and Finding Happiness

Nicole Kidman is pretty happy with life these days. She has a new husband in Keith Urban, a new baby in daughter Sunday Rose, two thriving teenagers in daughter Isabella, 13 and Connor, 13, and a new film Australia with some major buzz around it.

"The baby comes wherever I go, and I just like looking at her, watching her breathe. I stand over her crib and watch her breathe. It's pathetic," says Kidman. "My mum says I'm over-bonded. I don't care. I'm just very bonded right now."

Kidman and Urban have committed themselves to making their marriage work no matter what it takes. It was a commitment that was challenged a few months into the marriage when Urban checked himself into rehab.

During the Australia shoot, Urban was touring and flew make and fourth to visit his pregnant wife. "One time, he flew 24 hours, was on the ground for six hours and then flew all the way back. That's how dedicated we are to trying to make this work," she says, and taps the wood coffee table. "We're both willing to move mountains to make it work, and with that, you still touch wood. You commit to it and say, 'Whatever we can do that's humanly possible, we're going to do.' And that's it. The only way love flourishes is if you keep feeding it."

Kidman learned she was pregnant during the filming of Australia. As soon as the film wrapped she returned to Nashville to prepare for Sunday's arrival.

"I did yoga through the whole pregnancy. My sister (Antonia) recommended doing that. My sister is three years younger, but she has had four kids. She's had natural birth. I had an epidural! She was great for me through the pregnancy. She was my rock."

Unlike many of today's celebrities, the couple have chosen not to release photos of their daughter (although Kidman gave a small glimpse of Sunday during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey show last week).

"I don't want my baby photographed," Kidman says. "I just couldn't have her exposed. She's my baby girl, and I'm very protective, and I'm still hormonal. I keep her close. I just wanted to be in the bubble of Keith, Sunday, Bella and Connor and me. That was the bubble for the first month."

Even if she doesn't want to show Sunday off, she loves talking about her. She says, "She's just barely rolling over, smiling and giggling. She looks just like her daddy. She's got my skin, unfortunately. I wanted her to have dark skin. She's so pale, and she has to wear zinc cream and hats. Poor Sunday. There's no frolicking on the beach."

Source: USA Today

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