Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lisa Rinna Happy She Married Her Opposite

Lisa Rinna trades in her dancing shoes for a microphone on the red carpet at tonight's Emmys as she and Joey Fatone take over red carpet coverage from Joan and Melissa Rivers for the TV Guide Channel.

Rinna who has been married to actor Harry Hamlin for ten years tells OK! Magazine her secret to a happy marriage, "Respect each other and opposites attract. His strengths balance my weaknesses and I think vice versa. We don't get bored because he is nothing like I am and I am nothing like he is. If you're thinking about marrying someone, make sure they are your opposite.

The couple have two daughters Delilah, 9, and Amelia, 6, and still love family cuddle time. "I love nighttime cuddling,” Rinna says. “I love when we all get on the bed and all do group hug and we all hang out. I think it is just so yummy. Bed time is very special.”

Source: OK!

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  1. I totally get Lisa Rinna's group hug thing. We do that all the time as a family and it's definitely the eighth wonder of the world-there's nothing like it! I actually feel totally at peace when we're having what we call, a sandwich hug-whether it's a grilled cheese hug, an oreo hug, a pizza hug, even a turkey sandwich hug! Those moments really rock!