Saturday, September 04, 2010

Melissa Joan Hart Talks About Her 2,800 Mile Commute

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is back on TV in the surprise summer hit ABC Family's Melissa and Joey' The actress recently sat down to talk with PopEater about her monster commute, potty training two boys, and her decision to leave Los Angeles.

Some highlights from the interview:

On her decision to commute from her home base in Connecticut to Los Angeles:
"[Mason and Brady (her sons)] are actually back in Connecticut with my husband [Mark Wilkerson], but they were here all summer. I see them every other week. One week a month they come here and one week a month I go to see them. It's breaking my heart a little bit to be away from them, but it's important that they have stability and see their friends. I think it's harder on me than it is on them. My husband is an amazing dad."

On her decision to leave Los Angeles and move to Connecticut:
"We're both from the East Coast and we missed the suburban lifestyle. We wanted them to grow up with fireflies and snow and seasons and riding your bike to meet your friends. Also, I was concerned about a lack of community feel in Los Angeles. Everyone's spread out here, you have to drive everywhere and the traffic is terrible. People drive like maniacs, it can be dangerous, and nobody is paying attention."

On potty training her boys:
"Right now, we're trying to do potty training. I'm the one looking online trying to do it by the book and my husband is at home dealing with it. It's tough."

On any future additions to their family: 
"I want more, maybe four. I'd love to have two boys and two girls."

On working with her costar Joey Lawrence:
"We've known each other for a very long time. We have a great relationship, we're really lucky in that sense. We have so much in common, our moms are friends, we both have young kids and we both married people from Alabama. We both feel very blessed to have this opportunity in television. We know how fickle this business can be. Both of us have had three successful separate sitcoms, which is pretty amazing. We both take it seriously. We feel really blessed."

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