Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Note from Emma

Hi All,

Obviously I haven't been posting recently as my home was hit hard by the severe storms that hit the Midwest a few weeks ago. In our case, straight line winds knocked down a 50-year-old maple tree onto my garage taking out my power lines and crushing everything in its path. After nearly a week with no electricity or phone, we began the cleanup process.

Unfortunately my garage and many of the items stored in it were a total loss. It has turned into a never-ending effort to clean through all of the destruction. I find myself sorting through boxes of memories and deciding what to keep or toss out.

Because of the large volume of damage in Minnesota, it has taken much longer than expected to get the insurance processed and get the rebuilding started. At this point, the tree is gone and the demolition of the garage has begun. I find myself spending the days waiting and talking with a parade of contractors.

Of the three cars that were involved, one is totalled (my baby - the SUV I used for my daily life), one is reparable (although deemed totalled by the insurance due to its age), and one doesn't have a scratch on it (and it was the one sitting inside the garage!) The insurance company is still discussing the SUV and we're awaiting their final decision.

Hopefully this week the remainder of the garage will come down and I can allow the boys to at least play in the yard without watching their every move. The construction of the new garage should only take 1-2 weeks once they can finally get started. We'll also need to have part of the roof on the house replaced, but that's just a small effort compared to everything else.

For now I'm planning to get back to posting this week, I really need the break from the daily reality of destruction around here.

Thanks so much for the kind notes and warm wishes, they are truly appreciated.

Emma and Family

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