Monday, November 17, 2008

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor: Two Kids Is Enough

Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor are enjoying life with their two kids daughter Ella, 6, and son Quinlin 3.

“They’re incredible,” says Stiller. “They’re ridiculously cute at six and three, and every moment is a joy and a wonderful challenge that people who have kids can only understand. It’s the best.”

The couple who were married in 2000, have decided that the size of their family is perfect.

“I’m happy where we’re at right now,” Ben says. “Two is a handful. I feel very fortunate and blessed.”

Christine adds, “Two is enough for now. Three’s off.”

For Christine, the best thing about motherhood is just spending time with the kids and letting go of her own stresses.

“It’s the most selfless thing ever, and it takes me out of all the craziness in my own head,” she says. “I can put it on my children, and hopefully not put the crazy in them.”

Source: OK!

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